Innovations: GPS Keyword

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Wafer-Scale Vacuum Packaging for Optomechanical Inertial Sensors
  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. Micro & Nanotechnologies
Bhave, Sunil Ashok
Detector-Free Method of Determining Profiles of Vehicle Arrivals at Signalized Intersections
  1. Civil Engineering
Day, Christopher Michael
Situational Awareness and Position Location Information Interface System
  1. NSWC Crane
  2. Computer Technology
Cannon, Corey
Real-Time Advanced Congestion Identification Warning System Using Cloud-Based Traffic Data
  1. Computer Technology
  2. Civil Engineering
Bullock, Darcy M
GNSS Ephemeris with Graceful Degradation and Measurement Fusion
  1. Electrical Engineering
Garrison, James L