Innovations: Nanomanufacturing Keyword

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
Integrated Control of the Quality of Nanocrystals by Pulsed Laser in Laser Induced Chemical Deposition
  1. Micro & Nanotechnologies
Liu, Chunghorng Richard
Substrate-Free Two-Dimensional Elemental Twin-Crystals with Co-Existing Opposite Chirality
  1. Materials and Manufacturing
  2. Electrical Engineering
Wu, Wenzhuo
Additive Manufacture of Al-Ti-C Metal Matrix Composite
  1. Materials and Manufacturing
  2. Mechanical Engineering
Wang, Xiaoming
Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Printed Electrochemical Sensors with Real-Time Image Processing and Machine Learning for Predictive Analysis
  1. Materials and Manufacturing
  2. Computer Technology
Rahimi, Rahim
Washable, Flexible, Self-Powered e-Textiles
  1. Materials and Manufacturing
  2. Micro & Nanotechnologies
Martinez, Ramses Valentin
Roll-to-Roll Processing of Metallic Nanostructures Using Laser-Induced Superplasticity
  1. Materials and Manufacturing
Martinez, Ramses Valentin