Innovations: Chemical Analysis Keyword

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
High Power Microwave Generator Based on Nonlinear Composites
  1. Materials and Manufacturing
  2. Electrical Engineering
Fairbanks, Andrew Jonathan
Multi-Functional Conjugated Ligand Engineering for Stable and Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells
  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
Dou, Letian
Photochemical Reactor for Solid Phase Synthesis
  1. Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
  2. Biotechnology
Lipton, Mark A
Kit and Methods for the Analysis of Wood-Tar Creosote
  1. Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
Wenthold, Paul G
Continuous Lyophilization Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing and Metrology System
  1. Materials and Manufacturing
Cakmak, Mukerrem