Innovations: Internal Combustion Engine Keyword

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
High Efficiency Combustor and Closed-Cycle Heat Engine Interface
  1. NSWC Crane
  2. Mechanical Engineering
Herr, John
Supersonic Hot Jet Ignites Ultra-Lean Fuel Mixtures in Combustion Engines
  1. Aeronautics
  2. Mechanical Engineering
Qiao, Li
Controller for PCCI Combustion Timing
  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Computer Technology
Shaver, Gregory Matthew
Compact Oxygen Gas Sensing for Internal Combustion Engines for Large Range of Operating Temperatures
  1. Micro & Nanotechnologies
  2. Materials and Manufacturing
Li, Tongcang
High Efficiency Combustion and Electric Generation in Vehicles Using Exhaust Heat
  1. Mechanical Engineering
Zhang, Haiyan H.
Circumferential Groove in Cylinder of Piston Machines
  1. Mechanical Engineering
Ivantysynova (DECEASED), Monika