Groven, Lori Jean

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
Precisely Timed, Gasless Igniters with Tunable Sensitivity
  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
Son, Steven F
Mechanically Activated Metal Fuels for Energetic Material Applications
  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Aeronautics
Son, Steven F


Dr. Lori Groven is a Research Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. She received her Ph.D. in nanoscience and nanotechnology from SDSMT in 2009. As a postdoctoral researcher she spent time at the Laboratory for Applied Electromagnetics, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, where she studied high permittivity, low loss materials that were amenable to direct write. Her research interests lie in the combustion, characterization, processing, and improvement of energetic materials ranging from traditional materials to nanoscale energetics for a variety of applications.

For additional information, visit Dr. Groven's Purdue webpage: