Wu, Yue

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New Catalysts for Dehydrogenation of Ethane and Propane
  1. Chemical Engineering
Xiao, Yang


Dr. Yue Wu is a previous Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University and is currently the Herbert L. Stiles Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Iowa State University. Dr. Wu earned a B.S. in Chemistry from University of Science and Technology of China and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Harvard University. He also completed the Miller Research Fellowship in Chemistry at University of California, Berkeley. His research focuses on the design, synthesis, characterization, and assembly of nanostructured materials; elucidation of the fundamental electronic, optical, and other physical properties of these materials; and exploration of new science and applications in diverse areas related with renewable energy, such as photovoltaic solar cells, catalysis, thermoelectric, and water splitting.

For additional information, visit Dr. Wu's Iowa State webpage: http://yuewu.public.iastate.edu/Yue_Wu/ABOUT_PROF._YUE_WU.html