Ward, Matthew Peter

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
Non-Invasive Interpretation of Vagal Nerve Signals for Reducing Gastroparesis
  1. Biomedical Engineering
  2. Biotechnology
Ward, Matthew Peter
Pulse Parameter Modulation for Electrical Stimulation
  1. Biomedical Engineering
Irazoqui, Pedro P.


Dr. Matthew Ward is a Research Assistant Professor in the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University. Dr. Ward has earned a Bachelor's of Science in Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Neural Engineering from Purdue University. He is a co-founder of Drug Free Therapeutix, LLC. His research interests include developing and translating technologies that enable persistent, bidirectional communication with the peripheral and central nervous system. In addition, Dr. Ward is conducting ongoing clinical studies with the IU School of Medicine as part of his research on noninvasive neural interfaces.