Keener, Kevin Michael

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
Liquid Oil Hydrogenation Process without Trans-fat Formation
  1. Agriculture
  2. Food and Nutrition
Yepez, Ximena V
High Voltage Atmospheric Cold Plasma Used to Inactivate Microbes in Coconut Water
  1. Food and Nutrition
  2. Agriculture
Keener, Kevin Michael
Generating Microbiocides Inside a Sealed Package
  1. Food and Nutrition
Keener, Kevin Michael
Eliminating Pathogens in Fresh or Raw Food Using Ozone Generating Technology
  1. Food and Nutrition
Keener, Kevin Michael


Dr. Kevin Keener is a former Professor of Food Science and Agricultural and Biological Engineering (courtesy) at Purdue University and is currently a Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Director of the Center for Crops Utilization Research, and Director of the BioCentury Research Farm at Iowa State University. He earned a B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Engineering from The Ohio State University and a Ph.D. in Food Process Engineering from Purdue University. Dr. Keener received the 2014 Spirit of the Land-Grant Mission Award for his work in food process engineering, sanitation, and waste management. Purdue presents this award yearly to a Purdue faculty member whose work exemplifies the university's land-grant mission of discovery, engagement, and learning. In 2014, Dr. Keener was awarded a Distinguished Fulbright Fellowship to teach food science and food engineering at Moscow State AgroEngineering University in Russia and the ASABE Rain Bird Engineering Concept of the Year Award for High Voltage Atmospheric Cold Plasma, in 2012, the College of Agriculture's Dean's Team Award and Research Fellow at the Dublin Institute of Technology, and in 2010, the Macy Food Science and Technology Award (Minnesota Section). Dr. Keener's research focuses on the development of noninvasive quality measurement techniques and novel food processing technologies.

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