Savran, Cagri Abdullah

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
Deterministic Culturing of Single Cells in 3D
  1. Biotechnology
  2. Materials and Manufacturing
Savran, Cagri Abdullah
Differential Weighing of Individual Microparticles
  1. Micro & Nanotechnologies
  2. Mechanical Engineering
Savran, Cagri Abdullah
Higher Sensitivity Micro/Nanosensors
  1. Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
  2. Micro & Nanotechnologies
Savran, Cagri Abdullah


Dr. Cagri Savran is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and by courtesy in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. After earning a B.S.M.E. from Purdue University, Dr. Savran continued his studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology earning an M.E. and Ph.D. His research is focused on the application of MEMS and nanotechnology to develop novel systems and devices that can solve biological and medical problems. Dr. Savran is especially interested in sensors for detection of disease markers such as biomolecules and cells, various biochemicals, and pathogens. Examples of Dr. Savran's research projects include diffraction-based biosensing, nanomechanical biosensing, adaption of aptamers on biosensors, and robust micromanipulators.

For additional information, visit Dr. Savran's Purdue webpage: or the Savran Research Group: