Irazoqui, Pedro P.

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
Implantable Micro Screw for Glaucoma Treatment
  1. Biomedical Engineering
Irazoqui, Pedro P.
Smart Contact Lenses for Home-Based Monitoring of Intraocular Pressure
  1. Biomedical Engineering
Lee, Chi Hwan
Method of Thin Flexible Electrode Insertion for Deep Brain Neural Recording and the Design of Electrode Insertion Device
  1. Biomedical Engineering
  2. Medical/Health
Irazoqui, Pedro P.
Pulse Parameter Modulation for Electrical Stimulation
  1. Biomedical Engineering
Irazoqui, Pedro P.
Memory Read Bit Line Amplifier Using a Modified Differential Pair Construct
  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. Computer Technology
Irazoqui, Pedro P.
Flexible Neural Probe for Magnetic Insertion
  1. Biomedical Engineering
Rickus, Jenna Leigh


Dr. Pedro P. Irazoqui is the former Associate Head and Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Showalter Faculty Scholar, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Director of the Center for Implantable Devices at Purdue University. He is currently a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. In 2016, Dr. Irazoqui was inducted as a fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) for his outstanding contributions to implantable electronic devices. He was named a Purdue University Faculty Scholar, 2013 to 2018. Dr. Irazoqui's laboratory is engaged in the research on a modular approach to the design of biological implants in general and neural prosthetic devices. These devices are being applied to the clinical treatment of physiological disorders using miniature wireless, implantable systems. The specific research and clinical applications explored in his laboratory include glaucoma, epilepsy, neural regeneration, and cardiac disease.

For more information, visit Dr. Irazoqui's Johns Hopkins website:
or the Purdue Center for Implantable Devices website: