Yang, Danzhou

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Custom G4 Microarrays Can Determine a Large-Scale Ligand Binding Selectivity
  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
Yang, Danzhou


Dr. Danzhou Yang is the Martha and Fred Borch Chair in Cancer Therapeutics, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Purdue University. Dr. Yang earned a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Science and Technology of China in Molecular and Cell Biology in 1989, PhD in Biophysics from the University of Illinois in 1996, and completed a Postdoc at the University of Kentucky in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1999. Dr. Yang's research interests include cancer research, DNA G-quadruplexes, anticancer drug discovery, structure-based rational drug design, structure biology, NMR spectroscopy, and computer modeling.

For additional information, please visit Dr. Yang's webpage at https://www.mcmp.purdue.edu/faculty/yangdz or her laboratory webpage, the Yang Laboratory, at http://danzhou-yang.com/.