Laskin, Julia

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
High Resolution Biological Sample Detection using Novel Mass Spectrometry Microfluidic Device
  1. Biotechnology
  2. Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
Laskin, Julia
Multiplexed Electrospray Ionization Sources Using Orthogonal Injection Into an Electrodynamic Ion Funnel
  1. Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
  2. Electrical Engineering
Laskin, Julia
Multichannel Elliptical Ion Lens for Merging Multiple Hyperthermal Ion Beams
  1. Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
  2. Chemical Engineering
Laskin, Julia


Dr. Julia Laskin is the William F. and Patty J. Miller Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Purdue University. Dr. Laskin earned an M.S. from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute and Ph.D. from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Laskin has received many awards and honors including the PNNL Director's Science and Engineering Achievement Award in 2014, the Inaugural Rising Star Award of the ACS Women Chemists Committee in 2011, the Biemann Medal from the American Society of Mass Spectrometry in 2008, the DOE's Office of Science outstanding mentor award in 2008, the Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE) in 2007, and the DOE's Office of Science Early Career Scientist and Engineer award in 2007.

For additional information, please visit Dr. Laskin's website at or her laboratory webpage, The Julia Laskin Research Group, at