Fairbanks, Andrew Jonathan

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High Power Microwave Generator Based on Nonlinear Composites
  1. Materials and Manufacturing
  2. Electrical Engineering
Fairbanks, Andrew Jonathan


Dr. Andrew Fairbanks earned a PhD in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University. His graduate studies were focused in the Bioelectrics and Electrophysics lab under the direction of Dr. Allen Garner. His main focus was on the development of novel composites for the use in NLTLs as high power microwave systems. He has researched the effects of nanosecond pulsed electric fields on mammalian cancer cells, stem cells, neurological cells, and chloroplasts. Dr. Fairbanks has also engineered a blumlein pulse generator to be used in experiments for plasma combustion for aeronautical applications after having studied under Dr. Jurgen Kolb of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology in Greifswald, Germany. Dr. Fairbanks has served as a Teaching Assistant in Purdue Radiation laboratories performing equipment diagnostics and replacing part of the coolant system for the Purdue University nuclear reactor PUR-1. His research interests include new high power microwave devices for use in directed energy applications. Dr. Fairbanks also worked as a mentor for undergraduate students, assisting in a senior design project on transmutation of nuclear waste in order to cause the nuclear waste to become different isotopes with a shorter half-life so that the time required to store the material is decreased leaving the dangers of storing nuclear waste diminished. Finally, Dr. Fairbanks has investigated effects of gamma irradiation from Cobalt 60 on food shelf life using gamma
irradiation. He received the 2017 Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award.