Rahman, Mohammad S.

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Dr. Mohammad Rahman is an Associate Professor of Management at Purdue University. Dr. Rahman received his B.S. in Computer Science and MBA with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Southern Illinois University and his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from Purdue University. In 2013, Dr. Rahman co-chaired the Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST) and, in 2014, served as the president of INFORMS eBusiness Society. The Krannert School of Management selected Dr. Rahman as the recipient of the Jay N. Ross Young Faculty Scholar Award in 2015. Dr. Rahman's research interests include digital business, big data, omni-channel retailing, technology usage, retail and web analytics, and consumer behavior and decision making.

For additional information, visit Dr. Rahman's Purdue website: https://krannert.purdue.edu/faculty/mrahman/