Dykhuizen, Emily C

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
Aromatic Sidechain Modification using Imine Mannich Electrophiles Benefiting Formation of Target Covalent Inhibitors
  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Biotechnology
Krusemark, Casey John
Potent, Selective Inhibitor of an Emerging Therapeutic Target for Cancer
  1. Pharmaceuticals
Krusemark, Casey John


Dr. Emily Dykhuizen is an Assistant Professor of Medical Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Purdue University. Dr. Dykhuizen earned her BA in Biochemistry from Reed College, her PhD in Chemistry from UW-Madison, and her Postdoc in Chromatin Biology from Stanford University. Her research interests include proteomic analysis of chromatin modifying complexes, high throughput screening to identify inhibitors of chromatin regulators, and elucidating the function and genome-wide targeting of proteins containing chromatin binding domains.

For additional information, visit Dr. Dykhuizen's Purdue webpage: https://www.mcmp.purdue.edu/faculty/edykhui or her laboratory website: http://www.dykhuizenlab.com/