Chen, Yingjie

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Abstract Visualization of Spatial Distributions
  1. Computer Technology
Chen, Yingjie


Dr. Yingjie Chen is an Assistant Professor of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. Dr. Chen earned his B.S. in Engineering from the Tsinghua University, China, and his M.S. in Information Technology and Ph.D. in Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University, Canada. Dr. Chen received the VAST (Visual Analytics Science and Technology) challenge awards in 2010, 2011`, 2012, and 2013. In 2013, he received the Outstanding Creative Design (two awards) on situation awareness, display design for large computer network systems. Dr. Chen's research focuses on interdisciplinary domains of information visualization, visual analytics, digital media, and human computer interaction. He seeks to design, model, and construct new forms of interaction in visualization and system design, by which the system can minimize its influence on design and analysis, and become a true free extension of human's brain and hand. His research mixes theory, analysis, design, implementation, and review.

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