Zimmerman, James Robert

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Innovation Title Categories Lead Inventor
Device for Large Area Monolayer Film Fabrication
  1. Materials and Manufacturing
  2. Micro & Nanotechnologies
Claridge, Shelley A


Mr. James R. Zimmerman is an Instrumentation Specialist at the Amy Instrumentation Facility. Mr. Zimmerman received an A.A.S. and B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue University. His research interests include the design of analog and digital circuitry, design of data acquisition and control systems, design and development of motion control systems, develop and specify electronic laboratory instrumentation, and specialization in temperature control and heating systems.

For additional information, visit Mr. Zimmerman's Purdue website: https://www.chem.purdue.edu/jafci/personnel/zimmerman_more.php

or the Amy Instrumentation Facility: https://www.chem.purdue.edu/jafci/