Rainey, Katherine Martin

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Selection of Soybeans Using Average Canopy Coverage
  1. Agriculture
Rainey, Katherine Martin


Dr. Katy Martin Rainey is an Assistant Professor of Agronomy at Purdue University. Dr. Rainey received a B.S. in Botany from the University of Georgia and a Ph.D. in Plant Breeding from Cornell University. In 2015, she received the Millionaire's Club Award from Purdue's College of Agriculture. In 2014, she received Purdue's Seeds for Success Award. Dr. Rainey's research focuses on integrating diverse sources of information to demonstrate new approaches to soybean breeding. She collaborates with geneticists, agronomists, economists, engineers, and other soybean breeders in the public and private sectors to develop these new approaches.

For additional information, visit Dr. Rainey's Purdue webpage: https://ag.purdue.edu/agry/directory/Pages/krainey.aspx