Ben-Amotz, Dor

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Chemical Classification with Digital Compressive Detection
  1. Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
  2. Biotechnology
Buzzard, Gregery T


Dr. Dor Ben-Amotz is a Professor of Physical Chemistry at Purdue University. Dr. Ben-Amotz received his B.A. from Bennington College, M.A. from Brandeis University, and Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Exxon Corporate Research Laboratory. Dr. Ben-Amotz's research involves the development of new tools to use for solving practical chemical problems. The techniques he employs uses Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence, densitometry, and sound velocity measurements. His lab also creates models from computer simulations and statistical mechanical modeling. Real world applications include; disease screening, chemical imaging, industrial monitoring, protein folding, drug binding, and hydrophobic hydration. Applications of our experimental and theoretical discoveries range from disease screening, chemical imaging, industrial monitoring, and plastic recycling, to global thermodynamic quantitation of chemical processes such as protein folding, drug binding and hydrophobic hydration.

For additional information, visit Dr. Ben-Amotz's Purdue webpage: or his research group's webpage: