Darling, Oren Rollin

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Digital Rights Management for Distributed Manufacturing Via 3D-Printing
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  2. Materials and Manufacturing
Darling, Oren Rollin


Oren Darling is a graduate student in Purdue University's Electronic and Time Based Art program. Oren expects to graduate in 2015 with a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA). Oren is a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Purdue, teaching Foundations of 2D Design and Foundations 3D Design. In addition, Oren is a Web and Graphic Design Associate at the Purdue Research Foundation. In 2005, he graduated from Alfred University with a BA in General Studies. In 2010, he attended the University of Maine where he started his MFA studies. In 2012, he transferred to Purdue University.

Between 2005 and 2010, Oren worked for Blair LLC in a variety of roles including graphic design and advertising production/pre-press, systems coordinator for advertising, database designer/administrator, OSX Server administrator, and project manager. Oren's previous work focused on interactive installations of DMX architectural lighting run by Max/MSP and open source 3D printing. While these interests remain in the background, he is currently exploring concepts of surveillance and is working on a series of drawings that he refers to as a "counterfeit digital" style that questions perceptions of digital vs. manual labor, translation of media, authenticity, and value.

For additional information, visit Mr. Darling's ETB webpage: https://www.cla.purdue.edu/vpa/etb/people/graduates/darling.html