EpicPen: A Reusable Injection Apparatus and Method for Medication Delivery

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For decades, auto-injectors have been widely employed to deliver pre-measured doses of medications, such as epinephrine, subcutaneously or intramuscularly during emergency situations like anaphylactic reactions. However, the high cost and single-use nature have constrained their accessibility for many who need them, prompting a demand for more affordable and eco-friendly alternatives in the form of reusable injection devices and methods.
Purdue University researchers have developed a reusable injection apparatus and method that enables users to self-administer pre-measured doses of medicament compositions subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Designed to be both refillable and resettable, this apparatus facilitates multiple treatments, thereby reducing the overall lifetime cost. It incorporates a spring-loaded injection mechanism that can be recompressed for subsequent uses, as well as a removable cap for easy replacement of the drug vial and needle. This innovative solution caters to the need for a cost-effective and environmentally conscious means of administering medication during emergencies, especially for individuals prone to anaphylactic allergies.

- Refillable and resettable
- Cost effective
- User friendly
- Reduce waste
- Can be used to administer a wide range of medicament compositions, not just epinephrine

- Treatment of anaphylactic reactions
- Delivery of medications
Feb 9, 2023
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