Resilient and Scalable Microtextured Coatings for Quiet and Efficient Urban Air Mobility

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Noise pollution is a rising concern due to the development of Urban Air Mobility. Researchers at Purdue University have developed a microtextured coating for urban air mobility vehicles to reduce noise pollution for air vehicles at low altitudes. By coating propellers and rotors with this microtextured coating, air has a smoother flow over the blades, which reduces noise pollution. With this innovation the feasibility of future urban air mobility vehicles is increased.

-Lower noise pollution of 2-4 decibels
-Increased feasibility of Urban Air Mobility
-Large Scale Fabrication

-Urban Air Mobility vehicles
-Aircraft noise reduction
-Wind turbine noise reduction
-Drag reduction

Technology Validation: This technology has been validated in lab testing with cylinders coated with and without micro-structures to show the difference in sound levels up to a 2-4 decibel reduction at high speeds.
Oct 31, 2022
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