Development of a quasi-solid-state electrolyte for use in solid-state batteries

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Conventional commercial batteries use a liquid electrolyte inside the cell to enable ions to move back and forth between the cathode and the anode. The liquid electrolytes, while needed for battery function, also pose a flammability safety risk and promote dendrite formation leading to battery failure.

Researchers at Purdue have developed quasi-solid-state electrolytes (QSSEs) with a fire-retardant solvent and high energy-density for use within solid-state, lithium-ion batteries. The QSSE technology combines the advantage of both a solid-state as well as a liquid electrolyte battery that addresses the major drawbacks of commercially available electrochemical batteries on the market. QSSEs have several advantages that make them suitable for use in high-performance solid electrolyte batteries. These batteries can provide a high energy density, are safe to use, and are reliable over a wide range of temperatures.

- Role of Solvents in Solid-State Batteries with Enhanced Thermal Safety. 2023 AIChE Annual Meeting.
- Mechanistic Elucidation of Electrostatic Solvent Interactions within Composite Solid Electrolytes, with In Situ Safety Study (poster presentation). 2023 Materials Research Society Annual Meeting.
- Purdue news release.

Technology Validation:
Electrochemical cell efficiency was illustrated through repeated testing of the cell via galvanostatic cycling using the quasi-solid-state electrolyte, showing minimal decrease in performance.
Fire resistance was demonstrated through an open flame test, showing remarkable fire resistance and extreme nonflammability as well as little heat released up to 300°C.

- Properties of the quasi-solid-state electrolyte make the solvent significantly less prone to ignition than liquid electrolyte counterparts
- Suppression of lithium dendrites seen at high temperatures
- Better compatibility with a lithium metal anode (LMA), offering higher energy density than commercial LIBs

- Solid-state batteries
- Flexible solid-state batteries
Oct 25, 2022
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