Glycan and Biopolymer Analysis by Two-Dimensional (2D) Mass Spectrometry

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed a mass spectrometry (MS) method to identify biopolymers or industrial polymers in a mixture. With current mass spectrometry methods, analysis of mixtures of biopolymers requires first enzymatic and/or chemical degradation of the full-length biopolymer followed by separation and purification steps prior to MS/MS that make the process time consuming. Mass by charge (m/z) values must also be specified, sometimes requiring multiple iterations to obtain the correct value. The Purdue researchers' method does not require specification of specific m/z values; it uses a preliminary dissociation step to lower the detected m/z values. Precursor and product m/z values are then detected with tandem MS/MS, allowing the researchers to "build up" the structures of the molecules in the mixture. Combined, the dissociation and MS/MS scanning steps take approximately two seconds to complete.

Technology Validation: The Purdue researchers successfully identified the four glycan components in a Pneumococcal disease vaccine.

-Does not require iterative search of appropriate m/z
-Ability to analyze a range of biopolymers or polysaccharides
-No special equipment needed; can be done on available commercial mass spectrometers.

-Structural identification of biopolymers or glycan components of vaccines
-Identification of components in a mixture of industrial polymers or biopolymers
Sep 6, 2022
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