Hybrid 3D Printed Runway and Floor Mats

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed lightweight 3D printed panels consisting of a carbon-fiber reinforced metal composite, allowing them to have high stiffness while remaining lightweight. This panel system is posed as an alternative to conventional AM2 panels, while offering improved longevity and mechanical properties. Applications of this technology include rapid deployment of structures or runways for defense, public health, and natural disaster response.


Strong and lightweight

Additively manufactured

Capable of rapid deployment

Greater durability than current solutions



Rapid response situations (public health, natural disaster, etc)

Runway mats

Rapidly deployed structures

Technology Validation:

This technology has been validated through testing panels of the panels in a field environment. In testing, these mats were capable of withstanding over 5000 landing and take-off cycles over a 60-day period while showing no signs of failure. Current conventional runway mats fail at approximately 1500 cycles.
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