All-optical Single-photon Detector

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Researchers at Purdue University, including Dr. Demid Sychev, Peigang Chen, Morris Yang, Dr. Colton Fruhling, Dr. Alexei Lagutchev, Prof. Alexandra Boltasseva, and the group leader Prof. Vladimir M. Shalaev have developed a proof of concept for an all-optical single photon detector that demonstrates optical modulation at room temperature enabled by an electron avalanche in a photodiode. Current methods for optical modulation require cryogenic temperatures, vacuum conditions, and/or large cavities. The Purdue researchers believe their system has the capability to reach switching speeds in the THz range and is a critical component of the development of an all-optical transistor. This technology has applications in telecommunications, microscopy, and quantum optics.

- All-optical modulation of a light beam at the single photon level
- Room temperature operation

- Telecommunications
- Quantum optics
- Microscopy
- Photonic transistors

Technology Validation: This technology was validated by demonstrating the optical modulation of near infrared light (NIR) with a visible wavelength beam with an estimated mean photon number of ~0.05 per pulse.
Apr 24, 2023
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