Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Composed of Cellulose Nano Fiber and Molded Pulp

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed an alternative food packaging material made from cellulose nano fibers (CNF) layered over a molded pulp (MP). The wood-derived pulp functions as a packaging material alone but has several limitations for long-term food storage. Other researchers have combined CNF with pulp to create food trays, but these mixes consume large amounts of CNF with limited increase in benefits. Purdue researchers have introduced CNF as a layer over the MP. This method of CNF layering over MP yields the most effective material, with extrudable CNF for reuse, while the paper/cardboard trays are still relatively cheap and sustainable. This technology is promising not only for food packaging but also in the application of nanotechnology.

Technology Validation: The food package produced using this method was validated for grease resistance and oxygen transmission and validated with peel-off and food deterioration tests.

- Higher production efficiency
- Higher durability
- Long term food storage
- Sustainable/compostable
- Eco-friendly food packaging

- Food Packaging
- Manufacturing
Feb 15, 2023

Feb 22, 2022
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