Enhancement of oxidative stability of lithium metal batteries (LMBs) using ether-based electrolytes

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Lithium metal batteries are a promising approach for increasing the energy density of batteries; however, they can suffer from poor cyclability, dendritic deposition, and cathode electrolyte interface problems. Researchers at Purdue have developed ether-based electrolytes that are cost effective, improve the anodic stability of ethers at high-voltage and enhance the oxidation stability of the battery. This technology overcomes the limitations of existing ether-based electrolytes that hinder their practical applications in high-voltage conditions.

Technology Validation:

- Ultra-high coulombic efficiency (99.90 %, 4.3 V) seen after stable cycling within a practical LMB.


- Better anode and cathode compatibility with high ionic conductivity as well as small interfacial resistance when used in an LMB
- High performance of high-voltage Li metal batteries seen, especially at low temperatures.


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Feb 21, 2023
United States

Aug 31, 2022
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