Switching-Based Imaging System for Correction of GRIN lenses and higher imaging accuracy of Deep Brain Regions

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed a small module that can be added to microscope lenses to image deep brain regions with higher resolution, higher signal-to-noise ratio, and large field of view image for deep brain. Gradient Index (GRIN) lenses, commonly used for imaging deep brain regions, suffer from position-dependent aberration, which caused defocusing and limits the imaging field of view (FOV). The Purdue invention proposed to solve this problem by providing a system of spatially varying aberration correction for GRIN lenses. The compact add-on unit proposed by the Purdue inventors uses a 2-axis galvo system to actively control the tilting direction and substitute the commonly used rigid prism array. The proposed unit provides a higher focus and quality for 3D imaging of deep brain tissues.

Technology Validation:

- High resolution
- High signal-to-noise ratio
- Large field of view

- Imaging deep brain regions
Oct 27, 2021
Provisional-Gov. Funding
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