Low Speed HIgh Torque Hydrostatic Powertrain for Renewable Energy Application

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Wind and Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Systems require the use of a transmission to transmit torque from the turbine to the electric generator. Researchers at Purdue University have developed a transmission system that uses an adaptive transmission ratio, allowing for the optimization of the speed and torque going into the generator. This approach improves system efficiency, while also allowing for individual control of turbines and generators across an array, leading to the potential for networks of systems that work cohesively for maximum efficiency. Additionally, this powertrain allows for the detachment of the generator from the turbine, which reduces the weight of the turbine nacelle and allows the transmission to be placed in an area that is more convenient for maintenance. This technology is also capable of using water as a working fluid, which minimizes the environmental impact of leakages.

- Improved efficiency
- Adaptable torque ratio
- More easily accessible for maintenance
- Lower weight in nacelle
- More environmentally friendly in the case of a fluid leak

- Wind Energy Systems
- Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Systems
- Turbine Energy Generation
- Renewable Energy Generation
Jul 30, 2022
Utility Patent
United States

Aug 2, 2021
United States
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