A Compact, Cost-Effective and Dynamic Hyperspectral-Polarimetric Imaging System

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The field of imaging technology, particularly hyperspectral-polarimetric imaging, has traditionally been challenged by limitations such as large system size, high cost, and limited spectral analysis capabilities. Hyperspectral-polarimetric imaging plays a crucial role in various sectors including environmental monitoring, remote sensing, and medical imaging, and the need for more compact and cost-effective solutions with enhanced imaging capabilities is evident. Existing imaging systems often struggle to provide detailed spectral information at high speed, limiting their efficacy for real-time applications. Furthermore, the integration of these imaging systems at a chip-level poses significant challenges.

Researchers at Purdue University have now developed a tunable hyperspectral-polarimetric imaging system that directly addresses these challenges within the field. This imaging system offers superior spectral analysis capabilities in a compact and cost-effective package, with potential for integration at the chip-level. This system excels in high-speed imaging, which enhances its utility in dynamic environments or applications requiring real-time data. Because of its tunable nature, it can be adapted to focus on specific spectral bands or polarization states, which improves its versatility across a wide range of applications, from healthcare to remote sensing and industrial inspection. By offering a cost-effective, compact solution with superior imaging capabilities, this technology paves the way for the next generation of hyperspectral-polarimetric imaging.

Technology Validation:

System was tested to show transmittance data as well as rotary power Images were taken to demonstrate Monochrome, DoLP, AoLP


- Combination of hyperspectral and polarimetric imaging, allowing for a high level of detail in captured images
- High speed imaging demonstrated
- Chip-Level Integration


- Food quality
- Safety inspection
- Plant health monitoring
Jun 23, 2021
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