Hydrophobic Surface Coating for Virus Inactivation

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new application of an in- house superhydrophobic surface coating for virus inactivation. There remains an unmet need to mitigate the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic wherein virus particles, through droplets, can be spread through surface contact with everyday objects like railings, tables, sinks, door handles, etc. Virus proteins can lose activity when exposed to air-water interfaces. Purdue researchers have worked on the hypothesis of using an in-house superhydrophobic coating [US 10, 316, 215 B2] in the form of a spray in an aqueous medium to induce even stronger virus inactivation. The higher wettability results in higher contact angle, increasing the effect of interfacial forces on the virus particles in the droplet, causing enough mechanical stress as to rupture the outer envelope of most human respiratory viruses. In laboratory testing, the nanoengineered omniphobic coating was applied to a variety of surface materials including plastics, metals, and wood, as well as surface samples from inside an aircraft cabin, against phi6 bacteriophage virus, phi6 has a phospholipid envelope and is commonly used in studies as a surrogate for enveloped respiratory viruses. The experiments exhibited excellent antiviral activity, with higher inactivation on coated samples with high wettability, within 30 minutes.

-Excellent Antiviral Activity
-Superhydrophobic and Lipophobic
-Convenient Spray Coating Applique

Potential Applications:
-Antiviral Coating
-Materials Research
-Surfaces in transportation vehicles: airplanes, trains, school bus

Technology Validation:
The superhydrophobic surface coating has been validated in the laboratory on a variety of different surface materials against phi6 (bacteriophage virus with phospholipid envelope, commonly used in studies as a surrogate for enveloped respiratory viruses) - especially focusing on statistically observed highly touched surfaces, keeping in mind the ongoing CoV pandemic.

Additional Support: INTEL Innovation Fund, Rick Echevarria, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group, General Manager Intel RISE Technology Initiative.
Jan 27, 2022
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Jan 28, 2021
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