Human Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) Neutrophils to Treat Cancer

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) neutrophils for the targeted treatment of cancer. Currently, cell therapies for cancer such as CAR T cells and CAR natural killer cells show promise. However, neutrophils, the most abundant white blood cell type, have not been used in cell therapy due to their short half-life and resistance to genetic modification. The Purdue researchers genetically engineered human pluripotent stem cells which they successfully differentiated into CAR neutrophils. The researchers demonstrated their CAR neutrophils in vitro, showing the power to kill multiple cancer cell types, with the highest cell killing efficiency against a glioblastoma cell line.

-Off-the-shelf source of cells
-Derived from human pluripotent stem cells
-Chemically-defined, GMP-compatible platform
-High tumor cell killing ability in vitro

Potential Applications:
-Neutropenia treatment
-Cancer therapy
-Targeted drug delivery
-Glioblastoma therapy

Technology Validation
-Killing efficiency was tested in vitro against multiple cancer cell lines
-In vivo tumor-killing validation is ongoing
Dec 11, 2020
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