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A student at Purdue University has developed a new line of tri-fold pullout sleeper furniture, known as Cozi. The demand of growing population and urbanization creates an increased interest in high-rise apartments. However, many people in these urban apartments find it difficult to accommodate overnight guests, such as friends and family, due to smaller living spaces and lack of innovation for a growing trend and industry. Traditional pullout sofas and futons can be heavy, difficult to assemble, and present discomfort for sleeping. The Cozi chair folds out into a single bed and can slide out to extend into a double/full size bed. Cozi is made with sustainable materials and can be personalized in many different colors and styles for adding decoration to virtually any interior room.

-Sustainable Materials
-Saves Space

Potential Applications:
-Apartment Living
-Dorm Living
Aug 18, 2020
United States
Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization
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