N95 Filter/Mask Combination for Mitigation of Respiratory Disease Transmission

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​COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases spread through small aerosolized droplets produced by infected individuals. These small droplets stay suspended in the air for hours and can be inhaled by the non-infected populace leading to spread of the disease. Typical cotton masks/face coverings are not effective at stopping droplets from being inhaled or potentially spread by infected individuals. Purdue University researchers have developed a pocket containing mask/interchangeable filter combination which when used together provide more protection than cotton masks alone. The pocket functions as an insert location for the filter placed over the mouth of the wearer. These filters can be easily attached to other cotton masks/face coverings as well via provided tape or Velcro. The filter is made of antibacterial and superhydrophobic N95 material and provides a simple alternative to the N95 masks while using less resources to produce.

-Less Resource Intensive
-Increased Protection from Respiratory Diseases

Potential Applications:
-COVID-19 Pandemic
-Respiratory Diseases
-Healthcare System
-Preventing Infection Spread
Apr 6, 2021
Utility Patent
United States

Apr 8, 2020
United States
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