Collaborative Computing Platform for Health Data

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new method of collaborative cloud computing for electronic medical records. Current software databases used by healthcare providers, hospitals, and insurance providers must be translated between different programming languages and platforms in order to communicate patient needs. The Purdue researchers' approach integrates and aggregates vital data from Apache Hadoop, Jupyter Hub, Kubernetes, and Apache Hive databases into one system. This database architecture enhances parallelization, performance, and query processing time. The software program created by Purdue University improves data memory, mapping, and storage as well as local and global accessibility through an innovative authentication process. In testing with Center Health Fact data from 750 hospitals specific to over 69 million unique patients collected over the years 2000-2018, this tool was able to sift and report data with exceptional efficiency.


Potential Applications:
-Patient care

Collaborative Cloud Computing Framework for Health Data with Open Source Technologies
Jun 9, 2020
United States
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