Pod: An At-Home, Portable, Universal Allergen Detector

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An Industrial Design student at Purdue University has developed a new allergen detector known as Pod to identify allergens in food items. Current technology is mainly focused on gluten or peanut allergies, and available kits for testing food items often involve microlaboratory setups that are inconvenient to use. The small, stylish design created by Purdue University features a magnetic backing for placement on a refrigerator and is also portable to carry for everyday use such as for restaurants or grocery stores. In addition, food labels can also be scanned by Pod to check for potential allergens, providing added peace of mind.

-Can detect multiple allergens

Potential Applications:
-Food Safety
-Everyday Lifestyle
-Medical/Patient Care
Mar 13, 2020
Design Patent
United States
Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization
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