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A student at Purdue University has developed a new container device for separating, storing, and steaming food items such as soups known as Souper-Ware. Typical freezable food storage containers allow ice to form on food and this degrades taste and texture of food when reheating it. Meal prep typically involves cooking batches of food meant to last for a few days; however, an unmet need remains in retaining the quality of this food over time. Souper-Ware meets this challenge by featuring a strainer to keep broth and soft ingredients away from other hard parts, keeping food fresh. In addition, Souper-Ware allows for easy steaming and reheating with a simple button on the lid of the device, unlike traditional storage containers.

-Keeps Food Fresh
-Easy Food Storage
-Reheats/Steams Food at the Click of a Button

Potential Applications
-Food Storage
-Cooking Ware
Aug 18, 2020
United States
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