Dual-mode Electrical and Chemical Propulsion System for CubeSats

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Engineers at Purdue University have developed a dual-mode electrical and chemical propulsion approach for use on long duration CubeSat missions. The method integrates electrical and chemical propulsion techniques to provide high performance orbital correction while meeting green technology standards set by NASA. In testing of a prototype unit, the thruster was able to be reignited from an electrical spark for over 200 cycles. This technology has impacts on the rapidly emerging SmallSat space, to provide delta-v in a compact and lightweight form factor to meet mission requirements.

- Meets NASA green standards
- Capable of long mission life
- Leverages advantages of both electrical and chemical propulsion
- Lighter/lower volume than conventional approaches

- SmallSats/CubeSats
- Orbital Correction
- Propulsion

Technology Validation:
This technology has been validated through the testing of a prototype dual-mode thruster.
Oct 20, 2023
Utility Patent
United States

Oct 31, 2022
United States

Oct 21, 2022
United States
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