Improved Extraction Method for Separation of Mucilage from Chia Seeds

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed an improved extraction method for the separation of mucilage from chia seeds, yielding a protein-rich chia seed flour with improved bioactivity and functionality compared to conventional methods. Current methods for separation of mucilage, such as freeze-drying or oven-drying, are inefficient which can lead to wasted time and product. In comparison, the Purdue method has demonstrated higher mucilage extraction yield (7.65 ± 0.19%), compared to freeze-drying (4.21 ± 0.29%) and oven drying (3.65 ± 0.18%). This improved efficiency can save both time and money for companies processing chia seeds for nutritional, pharmaceutical or other applications.

-More efficient
-Higher yield

Potential Applications:
Dec 11, 2020
Utility Patent
United States

Dec 12, 2019
United States
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