Cognizant Modeling: Novel Predictive Modeling Paradigm

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new computer paradigm for cybersecurity using a cognizant modeling approach. The program makes software self-aware of how it has been used including source code changes and user interactions with input and output. There remains an unmet need in software security and cybersecurity for confidential and private information exchange. Purdue researchers have enabled a software to discretely create a defense against reverse-engineering and malicious alternations in code. The paradigm is deterministic allowing the code to pinpoint the location of intrusion. Potential misuse can also be tracked and covertly saved of user activity, avoiding the conventional use of log files, for an added security measure. The research has received support from both the Army Research Lab and Department of Energy.

-Reliable and Trustworthiness of Software Predictions
-Accurate Identification of Misuse and Intrusion Scenarios
-Secure Performance of High-Valued Target Applications

Potential Applications
-Military and Defense
-Information Security
-Monitoring and Inspection
Aug 2, 2020
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