Piezoelectric Sensors for Monitoring Material Properties

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Engineers at Purdue University have fabricated novel polymer coatings for piezoelectric sensors, actuators, and transducers. The coating allows to nondestructively monitor properties of concrete in real-time for applications such as road construction. Piezoelectric sensors are rigid, and traditional compressive or flexural tests at construction sites do not accurately capture deformations in cement before brittle failure occurs. Methods such as compression and flexural testing have also been used; however, these techniques are time-consuming and cause damage to samples. In order to address industrial inconveniences as well as enhance characterization of strength and stiffness for cementite-based materials, engineers have developed piezoelectric technologies with an electromechanical impedance approach. These sensors have high sensitivity when probing materials as well as exhibit long-term durability. In addition, the piezoelectric sensors are low-cost and adapted with software programs.

-Efficient readout
-Long-term stability

Potential Applications:
-Piezoelectric sensors
-Materials science
-Road construction
Aug 7, 2020
United States

Jul 2, 2020
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