Off-Axis Spatiotemporally Gated Multimode Detection Towards Deep Fog Imaging

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Researchers at Purdue University have created a new laser pulsed imaging system for automotive, aerospace, and military and defense applications. Foggy weather conditions often inhibit visibility in these settings, posing danger to drivers and pilots. Purdue researchers introduce an off-the-shelf approach to imaging in foggy environments that readily distinguishes between air, dirt, and water droplets. Unlike current technologies based on radio waves or light scattering, the new multimode interference imaging technique does not send out signals that bounce back to identify objects. Instead, a gated-detection method is implemented that senses spatial and temporal coherence of light that enables improved filtering of background noise. An experiment was developed to validate the new system by placing a wooden object into a tank of water and gradually increasing the turbidity of the water wherein up to twenty high-resolution images could be obtained at up to seven scattering path lengths. In addition, this imaging technique can be adapted in confocal microscopy or optical coherence tomography for biomedical research.

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Oct 29, 2020
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