Portable Fast Detection and Quantification Method for Delta 9 THC

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With the legalization of hemp products in almost all states in the US, law enforcement now has to contend with a new problem. Delta 9 THC (D9), is allowable in Hemp products up to a level of 3%. Unfortunately, the tests that are available to law enforcement are geared toward marijuana detection. Such tests will produce false positives on legal hemp produce and result in wrongful arrests, wasted laboratory resources and possibly costly court time.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a portable detection and quantification method for D9. This method involves two elements: first, a chemical test to detect the presence of D9 in hemp products and second, a portable reader to quantify the D9 level. This technology is quicker, cheaper, and more convenient than current methods that cannot easily quantify legal levels of D9 in hemp products.


-Quick/Accurate results

Potential Applications:

-Delta 9 THC portable reader
Nov 6, 2020
Utility Patent
United States

Nov 6, 2019
United States
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