Stable Catalyst to Efficiently Convert Methane to Hydrocarbons

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed a series of active and stable catalysts for direct methane transformation, which achieved high conversion and selectivity to hydrocarbons while producing low amounts of coke. Through tests at 650⁰C under nonoxidative conditions, a selectivity of >90% towards C2+ species with reduced coking was obtained. Furthermore, these catalysts proved to be very stable as they did not show significant deactivation throughout a 24-hour run. These catalysts open an avenue for developing thermally stable atomically dispersed supported metal catalysts (ADSMCs) and provides a route for converting methane into more valuable products for direct methane conversion.

-High C2+ Selectivity
-Low Coking
-Good Stability

Potential Applications:
-Catalyst for Direct Methane Conversion
-Thermally Stable ADSMC
Nov 18, 2019
United States
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