Title: Low Cost, Non-intrusive, Turbomachinery Blade Vibration Detection and Monitoring System

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Rotor forced response vibration is a leading cause of premature blade failure. Traditional methods for monitoring turbomachinery blade vibration, such as strain gauges and blade tip timing, feature high implementation cost.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a non-intrusive turbomachinery blade vibration detection and monitoring system using casing unsteady pressure sensor arrays. This technology detects the pressure waves associated with blade vibration. Since pressure sensor arrays are already included in most research and commercial gas turbine engines for other purposes, this new method can measure and monitor blade vibration at the same time, providing a lower cost and more efficient solution.

-Lower Cost

Potential Applications:
-Gas Turbine Engines
Jun 25, 2019
United States

Apr 19, 2019
United States
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