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Researchers at Purdue University have developed new baking ware, known as Soan Ware, for dinner parties, potlucks, and catering. The thin, packable glass and silicone design for Soan Ware allows food to remain at desired temperature when transporting between home and a party or to a business or large-scale event. The dishes features a stone slab that can either be frozen or heated to specific temperature and then allows food to be kept warm or cool for a long time, eliminating need for traditional double walled crock pot and hot-pad technologies that often do not accurately maintain desired food temperature. In addition, in potluck settings most attendees typically bring a dish, leaving limited space to keep all the food hot or cold. Soan Ware meets this challenge by saving refrigerator, oven, and countertop space in kitchens.

-Thermal Control
-Space Saver

Potential Applications:
-Potlucks/Dinner Parties

Technology Validation: Design concept
Jan 21, 2021
Utility Patent
United States

Jan 21, 2020
United States
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