New Fabrication Process for Hypersonics

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new fabrication process for hypersonic components for aerospace and military and defense applications. There is a growing need for ultra-high melting, mechanically robust, thermal-shock resistant, and oxidation-resistant materials for advanced components in hypersonic devices in extreme environments. In addition to identifying these unique materials, cost-effective manufacturing methods are needed to generate components with desired microstructural characteristics in complex and high-precision shapes to optimize aerodynamic performance. Current manufacturing techniques often are incapable of reproducing
hypersonic components without causing shrinkage and shape distortions. Purdue researchers have developed a cost-effective process for converting easily-shaped preforms into ultra-high melting, robust near net-shaped hypersonic structures.

-Precise Control Over Component Shape
-Cost Effective
-Ultra High Temperature Materials

Potential Applications:
-Military and Defense
Feb 6, 2020
Utility Patent
United States

Feb 7, 2019
United States
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