New Piezoelectric/resistive Hybrid Systems for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed new structural health monitoring (SHM) sensors for civil structures including buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, aircraft, ships, and large machine equipment. Environmental changes are often wearing on the materials of these structures, and undetected can cause irreparable damage. Current technologies include eddy-current thermography-based sensors that are discrete but are also typically expensive and require extensive wiring setups. The solution created by Purdue researchers includes a small flexible, self-powered, reusable sensor which is attachable to most surfaces. The device operates by recording changes in resistivity when static disturbances occur. In addition, the highly efficient sensor features piezoelectric and piezoresistive polymer-based layers that are readily manufacturable through a simple roll-to-roll process.

-Attaches to any surface

Potential Applications:
-Materials engineering
-Civil engineering
-Construction management
Sep 16, 2019
United States
Jan 10, 2023
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