Adaptable Walker to Increase Accessibility for the Elderly

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Purdue University researchers developed MobiWalk, a height adjusting walker, to increase accessibility for elderly and disabled individuals. Many buildings and outdoor locations are not accessible to those who are walking impaired. MobiWalk provides a simple low-cost solution by introducing a new design on the contemporary walker by making the walker height adjustable as the user walks. This design allows for increased accessibility over uneven terrain, many staircase heights, and incline surface-climbs. This product will also be useful in 3rd world countries that lack the infrastructure to make locations accessible. A prototype model was able to easily withstand 100 lbs of force in static testing making usable to a variety of individuals.

-Increased elderly accessibility
-Height-adjusting walker

Potential Applications:
-Disabled individuals
Feb 4, 2021
Utility Patent
United States

Feb 4, 2020
United States
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